Terms and Conditions

By registering with Walden Minor Hockey Association, you agree to the following conditions of registration.  The on-line registrations screens should make you accept this “Legal Click-through Agreement” as part of the registration process.  As of 2001, legislation was passed throughout Canada that made a ‘Click-through Agreement’ on the Internet as legal as a signature.

WMHA Waiver

  1. I, the applicant, certify the information on the on line registration form to be true and consent to the Player participating in the hockey program of the WALDEN MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION (hereafter will be noted as WMHA). I further agree to abide by and be subject to the constitution, by-laws, regulations, rules, and decisions of the WMHA, the WALDEN MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION and HOCKEY CANADA. I am aware that copies of these rules and regulations are available from the WMHA upon request.
  2. I, the applicant, understand that hockey is a vigorous and physically demanding game in which injuries may occur. I hereby apply for registration of the player in the programs of the WMHA, agreeing to accept the reasonable risk inherent in the game of hockey including the risk of serious personal injury. The applicant, for himself, herself, themselves, their next of kin, executors, administrators assigns, hereby irrevocably releases the WMHA, its officers, directors, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers, referees, officials, servants, agents, and employees from all manner of claims or causes by actions in any way related to personal injury or property damage sustained by the registered player and/or the applicant in the course of participating in, viewing, or traveling to or from any of the games or programs sanctioned by the WMHA.  I agree to extend this Waiver to include off-ice activities conducted by the team. These activities include use of gymnasium facilities for dry-land training activities and recreational sports such as floor hockey. Other activities may include team parties and/or road hockey.
  3. I, the applicant, agree to abide by the following conditions of membership as set out by WMHA:
    a. The WMHA reserves the right to refuse any person admission into the WMHA.  Further, WMHA reserves the right to assign or transfer this membership without seeking further consent.
    b. The WMHA adheres to the age classification system approved by Hockey Canada. The formations of the WMHA teams are based on this classification together with the player selection system.
    c. New registrants must provide the WMHA with a true copy of their birth certificate at the time of registration.
    d. Players will, at all times, on and off the ice, conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, according to the WMHA Code of Conduct. Infractions of the rules may result in the imposition of severe penalties, including suspension from further play.
    e. All sweaters and goalie equipment issued by the WMHA are the property of the WMHA.
    f. All players in the WMHA must wear a CSA approved type helmet, which fastens under the chin, together with a CSA approved facemask. They must wear protective devices such as athletic supports with cups, shin guards, hockey gloves, neck/throat protectors, shoulder pads, elbow pads, kidney protectors, hockey pants, mouth guard etc. In addition, goaltenders must wear an approved type of facemask, as well as an approved head and throat protector. Insurance is void if a player’s helmet is removed while they are on the ice or on the bench.
    g. The responsibility for the transportation of players to and from the games or practices rests with the parents, under the direction of the team coach or manager.
  4. I, the applicant, acknowledge that a parent or guardian of the Player registered with Walden Minor Hockey Association must complete the “Respect in Sport for Parents” education as a condition of the hockey player’s participation with OMHA teams (effective Aug. 31st, 2014). Failure on my behalf to complete the mandatory program will affect my Player’s eligibility to participate in any WMHA activities.
  5. I, the applicant, consent to having the Competitive Fee applied to the credit card used at time of registration if my child is successful in securing a spot on a Rep or AE team roster. I further acknowledge that this fee will be applied on October 1st.
  6. I certify that I have read, understood, and declare my agreement with the foregoing declaration.

Parents’ Pledge

Registration refunds will be prorated based on ice time scheduled up to and including Oct 15, 2018, less a $75.00 administration fee.

NO Refunds will be issued after October 15, 2018 for Initiation, Novice, Atom, Peewee and Bantam divisions (Initiation November 15, 2018).

NO Refunds for Midget age players once registered.

Registrations must be paid in full before players are allowed on the ice.

NSF Charge is $50.00

ONLY PAID REGISTRATIONS will be accepted on first come basis to form teams.

If numbers are not adequate to form full teams, registrations will be declined.

WMHA Executive has the right to determine the number of players per team.

N.O.H.A. release policies will be enforced.

Current CSA approved helmets and equipment are mandatory – MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES ON THE ICE!