Safety Program

The Hockey Canada Safety program is a development initiative of Hockey Canada and is a volunteer hockey program. The emphasis of this program is on injury prevention and safety through risk management and education.

The Hockey Canada Safety program improves the game by providing an organized, easy-to-access education program for hockey safety and injury-prevention volunteers. The program provides participants with information they need to promote and implement improved safety, risk management and injury-prevention practices in hockey. Today, Hockey Canada has adopted the safety program as a mandatory program to show its commitment to improving the safety and enjoyment of the game.

The program is available to any person who is interested in being a safety person on their team. The six-hour program is a simple approach to safety and injury prevention. If you are interested in becoming the safety person for your team, contact your local branch for clinic information

 Concussion Awareness

 Course Conductors

Safety Resources:

 Safety Requires Teamwork Booklet

 Stretching Information Guide

 Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome

Canada’s Food Guide

 Equipment Poster

Safety Forms:

 Player Medical Information Sheet

 Player Injury Log

 Emergency Action Plan

 Emergency Action Plan Flow Chart

Action & Information Bulletins:

Helmet Certification Stickers

 Goaltender Equipment Change

 Sticker Bulleting

 Facial Protectors

 Water Bottles

 Ear Protection


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